3 Months Of Ava

3 Months Of Ava

Happy three months to my beautiful Ava! 3 months has passed in a blink of an eye. She is now 14.1lbs and cuter than ever.

Every day Ava is showing her own little personality and it’s lovely to see t shining through. When she’s awake she loves to be able to kick her legs about on her play mat and play with Olly the Octopus. She smiles so much and we get the occasional giggle, which is the cutest.

Teething is in full swing with endless dribble, hand sucking and every possible item being put in her mouth. Including her favourite thing of all, Mummy’s finger.

She has a new found love for the Teletubbies and loves watching a little bit of it while in her bouncer. Plus she loves her new set of plush Teletubbies her Nanny got her. Ava has a little babble to them all when she plays with them, it’s pretty adorable.

Ava is pretty chilled out content baby and we are so lucky. I think Ross and I have now found a routine that works for us which is totally baby led. We have just taken the relaxed approach and I feel like we understand Ava’s needs. Like they say Happy baby = Happy parents.

3 months has honestly flown by quicker than I ever could of imagined! Ava is changing all the time and I can’t believe by Christmas she will be 6 months old! I’m hoping to document more by blogging as I continue my journey as a first time Mama now that things have calmed down a little. So keep an eye out for more baby related posts.


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