39 Weeks Bumpdate

39 Weeks Bumpdate

So here we are at 39+2 weeks bumpdate!

I think I was a little naive when I thought that our baby might come early. Even though most first time mums have told me they have been past there due date before the arrival of their babies. To be fair my due date isn’t until the 21st May so she could still prove me wrong!

I am as pregnant as I can get and it’s getting harder to put on my shoes so I’ve resulted in just wearing flip flops! Plus I am dreaming of the day when I can shave my legs properly and wear non-maternity clothes.

Everything has just become a waiting game and there is only so much binge watching TV series I can take. To some this might sound like the dream but the novelty soon wears of. I’ve been trying to read more which has been quite calming and some what productive. The best part of my days are when Ross comes home from work as we have been going for a short walk or venturing out near by and this has kept me some what sane I think. It’s so hard to fall down a trap of feeling a bit down. There was a short period of time where I just felt like I had no purpose and I would just dwell on being pregnant, tired and physically not able to do much. Which shortly will not be the case when I have a little baby totally dependent on me and I am so excited to have that new role in my life!

So what do you do when your heavily pregnant?

The main thing for me right now is to stay calm and patient which for me is soo hard! I am such an organised person but for once in my life I have little control. I guess pregnancy is preparing me for the unpredictable journey we are soon to face which a child in our lives.

For now it’s just time to enjoy those little movements and spending time with Ross before we have to find a babysitter to be able to venture out just the two of us.


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