41 Weeks And Waiting

41 Weeks And Waiting

Well here we are at 41 weeks, a pregnancy post that I didn’t ever see myself writing.

I am at the point where I feel like I am forever gaining weight, there’s a huge bump in site and I am just uncomfortable 24/7. The last week has been the hardest. I feel like I should have a baby in my arms right now but the fact is 41 weeks isn’t late. Going over your due date just means the predictions were a little out and I need to accept that’s “OK”.

So what other extras come with being 41 weeks….

Well sleep has become harder and harder. Even though I am mentally and physically tired my brain is constantly buzzing and having to pee all the time really doesn’t help matters. I go to bed and then feel so disappointed to wake up and labor still hasn’t started and yet I am still not a Mum.

It’s not like I have not tried all the natural ways in which to induce labour, maybe they work for some but not me. I have become a bit sick of Pineapple now after endless days of eating it and also drinking it in juice form! Aside from trying all he natural ways I also had a sweep from my Midwife to see if it will help get things going but so far all that’s done is give me a constant back pain. I am booked for another sweep later this week and then we will begin talking about being induced which the hospital won’t do until 13/14 days after my due date as they want to give the baby as much chance as possible to come naturally. So we could potentially have a June baby at this rate..

Everyone says make the most of the time just you and your Husband and having the time to do nothing. There’s been plenty of things we have done but we are just so ready to become a family of three. All I want to do sometimes is just cry and get angry and I think that I need to accept that these feelings are perfectly normal and it’s ok to feel that ay sometimes. Pregnancy comes with all the emotions you could think possible and it can get very lonely.

So for now it’s a constant reminder of how strong I can be and it will happen, she has to come out one way or another. I need to stop comparing my pregnancy to everyone else’s and stop putting so much pressure on myself.

As they say babies come when they are ready. I need to keep reminding myself that every pregnancy is different and as long as our baby girl is still healthy and happy I need to let her decide her own Birthday.

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