Is social media killing the art of conversations?

Whether your out in public or sat on the sofa at home, you can soon be consumed in that message or notification that pops up on your screen. But not only am I guilty of checking that said notification it will lead me down a trap of endless scrolling, because why not?

Don’t get me wrong social media can be brilliant it allows me to stay connected with friends, family and it’s where I can promote my blog. But do we really need to ability to connect online 24/7?

Ross and I sometimes text throughout the day while we are at work and sometimes having that one text from him on bad day allows me to stay strong and get through the day. I also love being able to share special memories on social media with our friends and family, it’s a feeling of still being connected and involved in other people’s lives you might not get the pleasure to see/speak to daily.

I got to the point where being on my phone pretty much became my life, my security blanket. This was at a time when I needed support the most and the biggest eye opener was in fact getting out of the house more, changing up my routine and making the most of this wonderful world we live in.

Lately I have been more detached from my phone and it’s made me feel so much better mentally. Since doing so my sleep as improved and I’ve not needed to There were evening when Ross and I would be in the same room but both us would be in two separate worlds as it seems on our phones. In our early dating days we went for walks, we went to the cinema or even played a game of Monopoly!

Ross and I have implemented the no phone zone at the dinner table or when we eat out. This relates back mainly to Mexico when we were on our Honeymoon, there were so many couples sat at their tables not even making eye contact. Unless you can count looking at their phones?  It’s made a huge difference, it gives us a chance to catch up with each other and ask each other about their day. I’ll occasionally ask Ross if we are eating out if it’s ok to get a cheeky photo of our food, because what kind of Blogger would I be else?

I think smartphones did have an impact on our relationship when I look back, it made us feel distant from each other’s reality for a while. But we are now stronger for it we mutually agree that we need to spend more time listening to each other and making the most of our relationship. 

Do you think your smartphone has an impact on your relationship?


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