Being Pregnant At Christmas

Being Pregnant At Christmas

Christmas is normally the time of year for parties, eating and drinking. But now that I’m pregnant it’s going to look a little different this year…

With the lead up to Christmas everyone wants to go out to celebrate and at first I felt like I’d have to miss out on the festive fun but the more I thought about it the more I realised being pregnant doesn’t mean I have to sit at home in my pyjamas, even though that does sound amazing to!

Being pregnant does mean that I do have to be little cautious of what I am eating and I am gutted that I can’t eat my beloved Brie from the cheeseboard this year and a few other cheeses as most soft cheeses are of limit sadly. As for drinking Christmas as always been the time i’ve enjoyed a alcoholic drink or to but I again who says I have to stick to lemonade? If i’m out and about most places will offer a range of non-alcoholic versions of cocktails and guess who is NOT going to wake up with a hangover in the morning?!

Another one of my worries was that now that I have a bump I would have to wear something frumpy and unflattering but in fact places like New Look and Asos have an amazing range of maternity clothes so I am determined to find and buy that one dress that will make me and the bump feel amazing!

Christmas 2018 is going to a new experience but I very excited never the less. It’s going to be our first one in our new home and next year is going to be a WHOLE new experience as we will be spending it with our bundle of joy.


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