Blogging Cliches I Can’t Help But Love

Let’s face it the blogging world is full of cliches. Blogging has become a big influence in what we buy and how we like things to look. Of course I try my best to think outside the box as I’m sure everyone else does but there are just some cliches that I can’t help but love.

As much I try out new backgrounds I always seem to revert back to the classic white background. Which is fair enough as the majority of our furniture is in fact white so it kind of makes sense. I just think a white background gives you that fresh feeling and it allows you to highlight the feature easier when it comes to the photography side of things. I’m also up for anything marble to,  just saying.
Owning a LOT of Ikea items. Wether this is flat pack furniture or a million and one candles and plant pots that you can use for your makeup brushes, to hold your eggs in what ever take your fancy really. Ikea is a wonderful place and admittedly about 85% of house is Ikea we could defiantly show of our own show home like you see in stores.
I like to involve my cups of Coffee in my blog photos and Instagram shots. But if i’m honest I do think quite a lot of coffee so when I go to take photos 9/10 I already have one to hand so it’s not really any effort to add it to my set up and add that extra touch to a shot. Simples.

Lastly my phone. It was a starting point, by this I mean having an IPhone start the trend of me buying and IPad and then eventually purchasing a Macbook. I just enjoy the simplicity of it all linking together plus they come in handy for use of the role of a blogging prop.

What blogging cliches do you admit to?


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