Date Night Ready With Friction Free Shaving

I’ve been seeing these beautiful razors on Twitter and Instagram and I reached out to Friction Free Shaving to work together with this blog post. Throughout my years of shaving my legs I’ve never really found anything that works really well for me, until now.  I love the concept of having a subscription box where they send you a new razor and set of blades for each month so you can change the blade each week at an affordable price from £5. With a re-occuring subscription i’ve always got got a back up blade ready for those unexpected date nights.

I’ve used the razor a couple of times now and my verdict is that it’s not just about the look, it is a gorgeous looking razor but it’s also amazing at what it does! The 6 head blade is soft and swift on the skin and is a perfect match with the shave cream. I like how the razor is weighted to give you a better handle for a more controlled shave and a longer lasting effect overall.

When I thought about how much you would pay for razor in the shops I think this subscription box is value for money and you don’t need to spend aimless amount of hours finding the best one or the ones that are on offer when you have such precision in this product. I like that the packaging prompts you to change your razor head weekly, giving you a closer and more hygienic shave.

I would love to get my hands on a personalised razor next, how dreamy!

Have you ever tried a razor from Friction Free Shaving?


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