DIY Ikea Drinks Trolley

A perfect addition to our living room and it didn’t cost us a lot!

I have always wanted a drinks trolley but never really been able to afford one that fits our taste. So I did a little bit of research and found a plain white trolley in Ikea for a mere £22 and then bought some gold spray paint for £7.50 on Amazon.

In all honesty I wasn’t sure if I could pull this of at all as i’ve never used spray paint in my life but I just went for it and it definitely paid of. Luckily we had a load of cardboard boxes still from moving so I placed all of the pieces I wanted gold and starting spraying. For those of you who are wondering I didn’t spray it on in the living room I did do it in the garden but then it started to rain so I rushed them inside!

I was pretty amazed how well the paint covered as I was a bit lazy and didn’t use a primer as I didn’t feel like it was necessary. What I loved about this paint was how quickly it dried meaning I could flip it all over and cover the opposite side in no time at all. Once it was all dry it was simply a matter of putting it together and adding some finishing touches.
I just had to make some sort of quirky print to place onto my drinks trolley so I made a “Why limit happy to an hour” quote and placed it into a frame we had spare. Many of the other items on the trolley are also from Ikea, the plant, glasses, the pot, napkins and holder. In the middle is my Tesco bargain which I found reduced to £4 from £12 a couple of months ago, the paper straws are from Ebay and on the top is a woven mat from a set I got from Next recently.
In regards to the trolley being finished it’s not 100% there yet but I am really pleased with how it came out and it was fun project to work on.

What do you think to this DIY drinks trolley, would it be a good addition to your home?


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