Footprint Easter Cards

Footprint Easter Cards

Why not make some DIY “Hoppy Easter” cards this spring!

Easy, simple and really adorable. Plus there is something sweet about seeing a cute little footprint as a Bunny.

To make these Bunny Footprint cards you need, card, paint, double sided tape/glue and some pom poms.


We made a collection of Hoppy Easter cards to send to family and friends. I made a simple template on my laptop and printed them onto card.

For the footprints we used some paints we got from Hobbycraft which worked out perfectly to make the cards feel really spring like.

Needless to say Ava actually enjoyed having her feet painted. I think it only tickled a little bit!

The bunny is easily made with a single footprint upside down and an added addition of an adult painting the two little ears. Finished off with a fluffy pom pom for a tail. I used double sided tape instead of glue to stick the pom pom on just because I think they stick better this way. But PVA should work just as well.

So why not get creative and make some of your own in time for Easter?


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