From Miss To Mrs

I have been pretty certain my whole life that when I got married, I’d change my last name. This being traditional in taking the Man’s last name, which in this case was “Gamble. Society has changed immensely and others choose to hyphenate or in fact take the female’s name.

Ross and I discussed the name change idea whilst being engaged and he wanted me to take his last name, I was happy to share the same name after being together for over ten years.

 I guess I am quite traditional and I loved the fact and the idea of being unified with my husband by name. It shows we belong together, and Mr & Mrs Gamble as a nice ring to it, not that I am being biased. The thought of when we do decided to start a family also brings to the appeal as we will all share the same last name and be “The Gambles”.
The strangest feeling is after spending 24 years, your entire life with your birth name your parents gave you that I had to part with it. It was a little surreal and sad, after all it was my identity. It kind of feels like I am a new woman in a sense, I feel very grown up. I am not looking forward to having to change every document in existence to me to my new name, it’s going to take an awfully long time.

But is it worth it? Absolutely. I love being Amy Gamble, a Wife and to have had the most perfect day of my life with my Husband Ross.

*Photo Credit – Kimberly Hill Photography

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