Handling The Comparison Game On Instagram

I wanted to talk about a topic that isn’t really mentioned enough with bloggers or anyone using Instagram. We are all guilty of becoming a little obsessed with comparing ourselves to other, especially when it comes down to body image and materialism.

Instagram has always been a social platform I have always gone back to, it’s a place for inspiration and a way of connecting with your readers.  But it feels like we have got to the point of becoming more obsessed with others lives/possessions than our own.

Openly I admit I do betray some traits to make my Instagram appeal to more people by not drinking a cup of coffee because I need that PERFECT shot, which by that point it is cold. Or being out with my Husband and not letting him start his food until i’ve got an array of photos to edit and use later on.When did I get so obsessed with portraying all things PERFECT? when my realistic look on it is I’ve probably spilt my coffee down my t-shirt trying very hard to hide it with the coffee cup placed strategically in front to hide my imperfection.

So how can we stop comparing ourselves and the lives we live, it needs to stop.

Start thinking about the great things you really do have instead of what you haven’t got. Life is a competition, it’s a journey. Stop consuming yourself with numbers,  see social media as a creative outlet and a personal space for you to show you. We are all unique and that’s the best thing ever, how the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. Look in the mirror and do the best you can at being YOU.

Size isn’t everything, something I often become anxious about with numerous abs and fitness fanatics out there on Instagram with what we perceive as the perfect body. I’ve gained a little bit of weight lately and I’ve been comparing myself to unrealistic goals as apposed to be realistic and actually appreciating the reason behind it all. I was stress eating prior to the Wedding and then I gave myself no limitations on our Honeymoon, I wanted to enjoy it and I know that food was a big part of my happy experience and my memories to look back on.

Sometimes when you start comparing you will discover aspects of your self you want to grow, expand on. I’ve been throwing myself into photography and playing around with VSCO cam to edit them to give them aesthetic that I just love!

By no means am I going to stay away from social media, it has its up sides amongst all of this and it’s been a place in which i’ve made friends and become more confident in myself. I’m still going to have days where I compare myself but on days like that I have some time away and it really does help me refresh my feelings and look at the bigger picture. Life is for living and let’s face it it’s much more fun when you have your own stories to tell.

Have you ever compared yourself to others, if so have you got any tips?


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