Having The Ride Of Our Lives

So on our Wedding day we really did have the ride of our life in the form of a speed boat!

Never would I of thought that I would be riding around on a speed boat on my Wedding day. We had the most AMAZING Wedding photographer ever. Kim flagged down some random people out on lake and asked if the bride and groom could take a ride and they said YES. I have to admit at the moment I was a bit worried, I had only just got hitched. My hair and makeup were on point and I was about to step on a speedboat what was I thinking?

As you can see from the photo I look super glamorous hoisting my dress up to get onto the speedboat,  after my moments of panic I just thought what the heck you only live once and on I went and it was the best decision i have ever made .
Ross was absolutely beaming about the idea. I mean not many people get a ride on a speed boat on there wedding day and it was an amazing surprise to our day as was it to all of guests as they waved to us from afar. We had the wind in our hair and I didn’t even care that my hair might have been completely messed up and I thought to myself. I could totally rock the windswept look when we returned. (Luckily when I got off the boat my hair had so much hair spray that it hadn’t even budged a little!)
Our photographer Kim was even more excited than the both of us as she had never taken a speedboat wedding shot before and she did an absolutely amazing job of capturing the moment perfectly. She also loved the shots one of our guests got of her doing what she does best so if you are looking for a wedding photographer you need to get in touch with Kim. Not only did she capture the most perfect day of our lives, make us feel so ease she really did give us the RIDE of our lives!

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