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So can Chocolate really be good for you?

We have all longed for chocolate that is good for us, does it actually exist. Well I think it does in the form of Ombar, something we can enjoy without feeling to guilty as part of a healthy diet. Plus we all know than chocolate is a great mood booster, I know it always makes me feel better!

As this product is made with raw chocolate, perfect for those of us who are trying to eat clean or simply LOVE chocolate. Ombre uses coconut sugar rather than refined sugar, making all of the bars vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. All of the flavours used are made with whole fruits, dried and powdered to keep everything natural.

I just had to get a hold of some of this chocolate and taste it for myself. I received the flavours 90% Cacao, Coconut & Vanilla, Lemon & Green Tea, Strawberry Mylk, Coconut 60%, Blueberry & Acai,
Coco Mylk and Mandarin Ecuadorian which adds up to eight 35g bars of chocolate but you may see one missing from the photos, yes I’m not ashamed to admit I was so excited when they arrived that I just had to try one right away, no regrets.

But does it taste good?

The answer is YES, it may be a little strong but I have always been a big fan of dark chocolate so this fits my taste buds perfectly. It doesn’t compromise on taste and it’s full of goodness and the urge to resist eating all the bars before I got the chance to take photos was hard, really hard.

Up until now I have never really tried RAW chocolate and my mind has be blown away along with my taste buds I just LOVE the Ombar range and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more. Each bar may cost £1.99 but the company work closely with their suppliers to ensure everyone, from farmers to exporters are all compensated fairly.

What do you think? Have you tried Ombar before?

*These products were supplied to me for free but this review and my opinions are entirely my own view.*


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