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  1. Nancy says

    I’m excited about your upcoming baby! Even though your blog is taking a bit of a backseat, it’s understandable because you have to sort things out for the little one. Sending you lots of love. Definitely, don’t feel guilty about taking a break. The blogging community will always be here.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  2. Whitney says

    can I just say that this theme, this blog is STUNNING! it must have taken you ages! props to you girl!!

    it took me ages to get my site looking how it does and I still can’t really decide if I am happy with it! it’s so difficult to get the themes to work the way they should sometimes! or maybe I have just had bad luck?!

    ill deffo be sticking around to see where your blog takes you and through the rollercoaster that is pregnancy and then parenthood! I’m excited for your next chapter!

    lovely post, sweetie- keep it up:)

    – Whitney- (whitneyistyping)

    • Amy Gamble says

      Blogging is like my little bubble so I’ll still be around just with a baby in one arm of course, bring it on!

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