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  1. Claire Chircop says

    Lovely post hun. And you’re so right in what you say! I breastfed to begin with but I really struggled with it, I had nights where I was just in tears thinking I’d failed my little girl (stupid I know looking back now) but it was one of those things where I was getting frustrated, she was getting frustrated, it just wasn’t a good mix. We’d bought formula before she was born, thinking it doesn’t matter either way whether she’s breast/bottle fed, but honestly the relief after giving Amelia her first formula bottle was unbelievable. She’d turned from the devil (and probably I did too) into a little angel who was happy, content and who actually slept through the whole night that night for the first time ever. And we’ve never looked back since! I think if we were to have another, I’d give breastfeeding a go again, but there’s no way I’d be as hard on myself as I was this time around.
    Amazing post!!
    Sorry for waffling on with my breastfeeding woes. Haha.


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