Mad Hatters Tipsy Tea Party At The Sanderson

We couldn’t go to London without having a modern twist on afternoon tea, an Alice in Wonderland inspired Mad Hatter’s Tipsy tea party. As a trio my bridesmaids and I already love trying out different afternoon tea places local to us sot this seemed right up our street.

Firstly we were sat outside in a botanical airy space which was absolutely stunning but there was a slight chill in the air so we asked if we could move inside. They were very accommodating and even offered us blankets if we wanted to remain outside.

We chose to head inside and like every bloggers dream the tables were of course marble!

In no time at all they brought out our tray of cocktails to enjoy, which were all lovely apart from one which tasted like perfume. This consisted of five cocktails, varying in taste for each of us to try.

I just loved the theme itself, the Alice In Wonderland theme really follows through on the decoration and the cakes were the cutest. The food was so lovely and a bit different from your everyday taste pallet which was really refreshing.

My evening was made when the waitress came out with a slate board with the words “Bride To Be” a piece of cake and a lit candle. It was truly a magical experience amongst two of my closest friends, my unbiological sisters.It was such a lovely experience I loved the quirky nature along with it’s decorations, food and style. The Sanderson Tipsy Tea is a magical experience and what a way to start my Bride to be celebrations.


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