Marriage – 9 Months On

I can’t believe I have been a Mrs for 9 months! There are still so many photos and posts I want to share with you all about the day itself but it’s just flown by.

Over the last few months I haven’t blogged as much I have I normally would but let’s be honest with ourselves sometimes we need to just to take a step back and let life fall back into place. We have had so much change not only did I change my last name and gain a Husband I also became an home owner.

I’m not going to sugar coat it the past year hasn’t been the easiest, it’s probably been the biggest rollercoaster of my entire life! I can still remember the bubble we had when we first got married and our Honeymoon was the best experience we have ever shared together in all the years we have been together. But like any rollercoaster there comes the low points, Marriage isn’t a fairytale of “and they lived happily ever after”.
Let’s be realistic life is a rollercoaster ride you are never going to always stay at the top no matter what and that’s ok. Over the last few months I’ve realised the importance of “Talking about it” i’ve never truly appreciated the importance of communication with my Husband. The nights where we have one to one time with each other we have shared the day to day stuff, thoughts and bigger things like our hopes and dreams for the future together.  Lots of people assume marriage is 50-50 but I don’t think that’s how marriage works. In my eyes sometimes it could be 70-30 because sometimes we need that little extra support or vice versa you need to be the strong one and that’s ok because together we will always make 100%.
Our Wedding day will always be the best day of my life but the first year of marriage can be tough. Although it may have been a bumpy ride and I am more excited than ever to see our dreams start to plan out in the near future with my Husband right by my side.

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