Media Kits, Do We Really Need One To Be Successful?

What is a media kit and do we really need one to be a successful blogger?

First, what is a media kit?

It’s becoming something in which bloggers are using to outline statistics about their blogs. A visual kit to send to brands you want to collaborate with. It should highlight what topics you write about, how many followers you have on your social media accounts and what collaboration options you are offering. It’s a bit like a CV,  you are showcasing whether you are a good fit for any projects they may have.
So as a blogger do we really need one?
I’ve only recently had my own media kit and personally it’s helped me out loads over the past few weeks as many brand have emailed and asked me if I had one so it’s easy to attach it to an email back to them. It also saves me a lot of time as my media kit provides most of the information they are looking for at a glimpse.

What should you include?
A good place to start is a short bio about you and you blog, try and include a photo of yourself  so they can get familiarised with yourself. In your bio include what kind of topics you write about and try and be personable. Brands are more likely going to relate and connect with you if your’e being yourself.
Branding of your blog is so so important so include your blog header and any colour themes you may have on your blog.
It’s nice to be able to break up a lot of boring text with some photos that you ave shared on your blog or on your social media accounts to highlight your photography skills.
Statistics. Brands will want to know what sort of numbers you have in regards to your social media accounts and the amount of page views you have on your blog.
Collaboration options. List all of the ways in which you think a brand could collaborate with yourself. Such as sponsored posts, social media advertising, launch coverage, product reviews, competitions and the list could go on. Try and stick to a few so it’s not to lengthily.
Talk about the brands you have already worked with, this gives a great indication in what you have already written and they might check out any blog posts in relation to this.
Lastly make sure you add your blog url and your email for them to get in touch.
Here’s my Media Kit

The amazing Emma / Harmony Blaze made my media kit for me and I couldn’t recommend her enough as it’s amazing and it’s already helped me so much in terms of blog collaborations. 

What are your thoughts? Do we really need a Media Kit to be a successful blogger?


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