My Mum, My Best Friend

As its Mother’s day it got me thinking what I love and admire most about my Mum. 

When Mother’s day comes around I am always stumped at what to get my Mum. I always seem to buy her Yankee candles or flowers. So instead my brother and I took her for lunch and to see a show at Milton Kenyes yesterday as that was right up her street and this three of us had such a lovely day.

My Mum and I didn’t always have a best friend kind of relationship, I was a handful for a period of time. There were lots of screaming matches and phones being confiscated but as the years of gone by and I have gotten older the more I consider my Mum to be my best friend. I pretty much tell her everything from what’s going on, where am I going and to catch up with each other. We try and talk to each other the most we can. To me my Mum is just amazing company, a great shopping partner, she’s a great listener and she is there for me no matter what with the added bonus that I have been lucky to have know her for my entire life!

Over the last year she watched me get married, helped me with all the house buying stress and she continuously was there by side whenever I have needed her. She has always empowered me and she makes me believe in myself that one day I can be an amazing Mum just like her when the time comes.

Happy Mother’s day Mum.


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