Nearly A Family Of Three

Hello third trimester!

I am still in disbelief that I am already in my last trimester, it feels like only yesterday we found out that we were expecting.

The weight gain and bump are really noticeable now. It’s amazing what your body can actually do and the limited amount of clothes you feel like you have. I’ve been using the Palmers stretch mark lotion in the hopes it will help minimise the impact of the stretch marks later on, so fingers crossed!

The never ending need for sleep is crazy. I am feeling tired a LOT of the time but I have found it harder to sleep and it can be quite uncomfortable as she seems to be a right little wiggler in the evenings. I also seem to be having some weird and ridiculous dreams, has anyone else ever encounter this to?

I have loved getting our pushchair and starting to get the Nursery ready. We had purchased a lot of the furniture earlier on in the pregnancy but it will be so nice to have it all built and add all the little details ready for our little girl.

Nesting is a real thing

I am always wanting the house to be clean and tidy no matter what and everything must have it’s place. It’s been super fun looking through all the baby clothes we have purchased and organising them all. Looking at the little clothes always makes me a little bit emotional on how tiny she really is going to be and it makes me even more excited for her to have all these wonderful outfits to wear when she does arrive. I just need to wash everything which I plan on doing once we enter spring when the weather warms up a bit as there are so many things that I have to wash.

Maternity leave doesn’t seem to far away which I am so excited for as it will really feel real then. I am looking forward to winding down and embracing the new life that I am going to bring into the world. Plus not long after my maternity starts my Mum as organised a little baby shower for me with close family and friends. It will just be lovely to have a get together and have some fun.

So here we are one step closer to be a family of three, the best chapter of our story is yet to come.


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