Oh We’re Halfway There

Oh We’re Halfway There

Can you believe I’ve been growing a tiny human for 20 weeks now?

I can’t quite believe that we are already at the halfway point especially when to begin with 9 months seems like forever but time really is flying by so quickly!

So what’s been happening?

I have had a couple of Midwife appointments and so far I’ve been really lucky and had such a nice midwife at my local Doctors practice but the appointments have soon become blood giving, urine samples, weight checking and numerous amount of information that isn’t the easiest to always sink in.
We have now had two scans with the NHS which included our dating scan and our 20 week scan which we had this week. The 20 week scan is the one in which you can find out the gender but I was so intrigued so we went earlier on privately and found out at 16/17 weeks at Window to the Womb and it was the best decision we made as it was the most amazing Christmas present i’ve ever received.
My normal wardrobe has officially been packed away and now a Maternity friendly wardrobe fills it’s place. Which pretty much consists of black over the bump leggings and looser fitted tops as I am even wearing my own clothes to work as my uniform is far to tight with the bump I’m rocking these days.

Ross and I have started to buy more baby items, especially clothes as there as been so many fab sales lately so it would seem a shame not to embrace them. We have shopped for numerous outfits, keeping in mind that our little girl is arriving closer to summer and we also got clothes in a range of sizes up the age of 9 months as I didn’t want to go overboard on newborn clothing for it never to be worn.

Here’s to the weeks yet to come, taking it all in day by day. I can’t wait to meet you baby girl!


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