Our Last Christmas Before Baby Gamble Arrives

Our Last Christmas Before Baby Gamble Arrives

I can’t quite believe this will be our last Christmas before our little one arrives. Christmas is going to be a whole new experience next year…

There’s a few things that have come to mind about Christmas before Baby Gamble’s arrival. This year will probably be our last morning that we can wake up when we wish and not be woken up at sill o-clock, so this year we are going to embrace it by switching of the alarm and have a lay in of some sort because why not?

I’m looking forward to being wrapped up on Christmas Eve and relaxing before the big day ahead get out the biscuits, put on a festive movie and enjoy a nice hot cup of hot chocolate while it’s still hot as I might not get that chance or I’ll be busy with a bed time routine with our little one next year.

Enjoying our Christmas dinner without interruption of needing to feed, change, or get our baby down for a nap. Playing games with our family late into the night without worrying about having to get back home.

I’ve also realised that this will probably be the last year that our Christmas tree is actually going to be colour coordinated because from now on in fact because next year we will have a 6 month baby probably trying to destroy the tree or a very glittery baby from them trying to eat the baul bauls and many decorations that they will hand make which I am quite excited about!

Next year our living room is probably going to be flooded in presents for the baby and I am going to have to spend a few days finding homes for everything so this year I am going to embrace the tidiness and space we have around us.

Despite all these changes we are going to have to make I am looking forward to all of this changing next year. I can’t wait for out little one to be with us at Christmas, to start our own family traditions and to see them open their first present even if it takes us hours or days to get through them all it’s just going to feel so magical so here’s to embracing this Christmas and all the ones yet to come.


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