Palmer’s For Bump And Baby

Palmer’s For Bump And Baby

These products for this post were gifted to me by Palmer's. All views are my honest opinions - See disclaimer.

I already have been loving the Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks so I was super excited when Palmer’s kindly sent me over some more of there products to try out. I love how they sent a range of products to suit my bump and baby when they arrive.

Don’t get my wrong I know and believe that stretch marks are something in which we can look back on and be proud that we carried around a baby and I don’t think there is anyway in which I can avoid stretch marks completely but I would like to try and keep them minimal plus the stretching gives me a itchy and dry feel around my stomach.

For Bump

I’ve already got my little routine of once I’m out of the shower or a bath I lather my stomach with the Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. I really like that it’s non greasy and it’s really easy to apply.

The Palmer’s Massage Cream is ideal for many stubborn areas and again a non greasy product which helps improve skin elasticity and moisture levels. The tube is quite convenient and a good one to put in my handbag to apply when I’m out and about if I feel like my skin is feel a little dry.

As I progress more into my pregnancy I have started using the Palmer’s Tummy Butter, it’s a lot thicker than the other products and I tend to use it late in the evenings due to it being a bit greasier to apply plus it has a relaxing lavender extract to help towards a calming sleep. It really does smell amazing!

For Baby

Well has you may of guessed my baby is still safely inside my stomach so I can’t really review the baby products I was sent just yet. But I am looking forward to using the Baby Butter, Baby Oil and Bottom Butter as I never actually realised Palmer’s did a baby range!

I’m sure we will incorporate the Baby Butter into out bath and bedtime routine, hopefully I can review these Baby products by Palmer’s when our new arrival gets here to give you more of an insight into these products.

So far I love all of the Palmer’s products and it’s nice to have a routine in which I can use them all effectively. I’m excited to continue to use them all even after the baby arrives and more so to even introduce our baby to some of the products they sent over for them.

Have you tried any of the Palmer’s products mentioned, what are your thoughts?


These products for this post were gifted to me by Palmer's. All views are my honest opinions - See disclaimer.

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