Planning Your Maternity Leave

Planning Your Maternity Leave

I have started my maternity leave and I remember the last thing on your mind when finding out you’re expecting is when and how much time are you going to take of work. So I’ve put together a little guide to help others when it comes to planning your maternity leave.

Thinking about Maternity leave can seem complicated and boring and I did have a little stress about it to begin with but when I broke it all down I managed to take the small steps so to understand what I am entitled to so I can spend the most time possible with our little one.

You can find out what you are entitled to, is it only SMP or does your company also contribute? The government website is the best place to begin. In the UK pregnant employees are entitled to 52 weeks Statutory Maternity leave when the correct notice is given to the employer. You don’t have to take the full 52 weeks but you must however take the minimum of 2 weeks of the birth of your child.

Your partner can also get 1 or 2 weeks paid paternity leave under most circumstances or you could opt into shared parental leave. In our case we have decided that I will take the year of but it’s always nice to know that it is more flexible now for both parents to have time off throughout the baby’s first year into the world.

Talk with co-workers

Talking to fellow co-workers who have been on maternity in the past was the biggest help of them all as they gave me the insights into what I should ask and who I should talk to at work. Following these discussions I was able to talk to payroll and they gave me a break down on my monthly incoming I would receive throughout my time of.

Talk to your employer

It really can vary on where you work in regards to Maternity leave I am lucky that on top of my SMP I am also getting some funds from my employers due to me being there for over 2 years which really does make a difference, this is all in guidelines and understanding that I will return to work after my 52 weeks otherwise I will have to pay back the extra amount.

Plan and budget now

In my case I will be taking 3 months of my Maternity unpaid so I can take a full year of so we have had to budget and plan ahead so we can comfortably still be financially stable early next year. I’d like to think since finding out we were expecting we have been smart about what we spend our money on and saving every last penny, every little really does help.

Be Smart with your time off

As I work in a school I was able to have an extra two weeks off with full paid as it is classed as the two weeks holiday for Easter so this was an added bonus as I was really starting to struggle with day-to-day life at work with this big bump. It’s also given me that time I need to adjust and the flexibility incase she arrives earlier than her due date.

So there we have it one advice on Maternity leave, hopefully this guide can help you relax and really enjoy that special bonding time with your little one and enjoy every little moment!



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