Preparing For The Baby’s Arrival

Preparing For The Baby’s Arrival

Time really is flying. So are we ready for the arrival of Baby Gamble? 

I am now 33 Weeks pregnant and I am the most excited I have been all pregnancy to finally welcome our little girl into our family.  

So this is how we have been preparing for Baby Girl Gamble’s arrival over the last few weeks.

The Nursery

This is practically finished, Ross has built all of the furniture and it’s just the little touches left to do now. We decided not to redecorate the walls as the room itself was already pink with a nice pinky/purple feature wall from when we moved into the house so it felt like a shame to paint over it when we found out that we were expecting a girl. I have written a separate post which we go live soon to show you our Nursery tour so expect lots of photos!
We also have our SnuzPod 3 built and ready to use. I am so glad we opted for this as our next to the bed crib as it really does fit in with the aesthetics of our bedroom and it’s just beautifully made. I also like the fact that we will be able to have our baby so close to us at bedtime as I can imagine I am going to be an anxious mess so having her close will mean more sleep for us all hopefully.

Packing my hospital bag

I haven’t yet started preparing mine and the babies bag for hospital yet but I think it will be better to pack them when I start my Maternity leave mid April when I’ve got more free time to sit down and really think about what I want to pick. If you have any recommendations on what to pack then please do share them with me as I am still pretty unsure of what I do and don’t need as I want to be prepared but I also don’t want to go overboard.


Baby Girl Gamble’s wardrobe

I have probably bought far to many clothes but when there are sales and cute prints I just couldn’t resist picking up a few more bits and bobs. Most of the clothes we have purchased we have picked up in the sales and we have varied which sizes we have actually bought with it varying from newborn up to 9 months. I have also managed to get some beautiful second hand Next baby clothes from people I know which as also been a big help and I really do have a thing about Next baby clothes they are just beautiful so I can’t wait to see all these clothes in use soon.


This kicked in quite early on during pregnancy as I just can’t stand the thought of a dirty house or mess anywhere at the moment which isn’t always the best as I sometimes forget to rest and then feel the repercussions in the form of pain later on. I have numerous amounts of baby clothes washing I need to get done, sterilising and I will need to set up our Tommee Tippee bottle prep machine. All of these jobs I am hoping will keep me busy in the first few weeks of my maternity leave.


So within the next few weeks we need to just finish of preparing the little things and all we have left then is to wait for Baby Gamble to arrive. 


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    April 2, 2019 / 5:59 am

    Thank you soo much Sarah! It took a long time for me to get that right look and feel I wanted for the blog ready for fresh ideas and posts. I started with like a mood board of what I wanted. I might still change up my logo to add a little more colour x

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