Review | The Play That Goes Wrong | Milton Keynes Theatre

Get ready to laugh out loud and be prepared for everything to go WRONG!

I hadn’t really heard much about The Play That Goes Wrong but I know that it’s a hit at the Duchess Theatre in London and has also won a Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.

Before the curtain even opened you see the desperation of crew members running through the audience, looking for a dog before they enlist some help from a member of the audience whilst they frantically try and get everything ready for the show! 

Chris (Jake Curran) introduces the play and that’s where we realise we are being addressed as the audience of the Cornley Polytechnic show. The show follows the story of an amateur drama group as they put on a 1920’s murder mystery play. Im sure you can already sense from the title that it wasn’t going to go to plan for the Cornley Polytechnic Drama society with a double layered narrative.

From the get go it is a matter of the cast doing all they can to stay in character while inevitably everything just keeps going WRONG and they are trying to make it to the end. There’s a mixture of humour to suit everyone with some puns, wordplay, comic timing and just plain right stupidity which had everyone in the theatre laughing at one point or another.

If you are looking for a laugh out loud comedy then The Play That Goes Wrong is really a play you need to see. The actors are amazing at making everything purposely go WRONG in this production.I spent two hours laughing and amazed at how well the actors played their parts, keeping a great deal of concentration whist upholding a real humour throughout. Every second had been carefully thought out to get a laugh out of the audience in some way or another. Especially considering how hard it must have been to act seriously and not burst out laughing themselves.

The Play That Goes Wrong is at Milton Keynes from the 23-28 April 2018.

P.S. I really hope they find Winston soon!

Tickets for this show were gifted to me by Milton Keynes theatre – All views expressed are my own*


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