Starting New Traditions With A Christmas Eve Box

Starting New Traditions With A Christmas Eve Box

I’m all here for creating new family traditions so here’s why we have decided on a Christmas Eve box.

With this year being Ava’s first Christmas I want to make it extra special, even if she won’t remember.

There are plenty of commercial Christmas Eve boxes you can buy, many being made out of card. I just wanted something we could keep for year and something special for Ava to be able to treasure for years to come. We were kindly gifted this personalised box from Amy at Willow Attic.

What you fill your Christmas Eve Box is up to you, everyone has their own take and that’s what makes it so amazing. We have gone pretty simple this year with Ava only going to be 6 months old. We have put a Reindeer sleep suit (Sainsbury’s) some books, “That’s Not my Reindeer” and a personalised “Ava” book from our local garden centre.

As Ava gets older we will change up what is in the box a bit more and I’m so excited for all the years to come to be able to put together this little box together for her to enjoy with the build up to Christmas. I’m already thinking of ideas for next year such as Reindeer food, Pyjamas, Chocolate and maybe a movie for us to all watch as a family!

Christmas Eve Box

So what do you think to this amazing Christmas Eve Box? Amy at Willow Attic has also given me a discount code if you fancy getting your hands on one yourself this Christmas. Use the code “THEWIFEEDIT” to get 10% of throughout November.

This post contains Gifted items from Willow Attic*


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