The First Dance

As our guests gathered around us on the dance floor, my heart skipped a beat. The realisation that I was now a Wife and how beautiful the day had been. 

Our song started to play “All Of Me” the cover version by Landon Austin. Ross and I both knew what people were “Expecting to do” little did they know…
The music started, my eyes fixed on my Husband and we started our dance in which we had rehearsed and made our own choreography to. For those who know us as a couple they would know I would always be up for something like this as I had a passion for dancing growing up but for Ross to dance that was unseen.
Not only was our first dance a perfect moment, it was a proud moment as a Wife. A great start to a marriage in which my Husband agreed to a planned dance rather than just swaying to the music. I will always remember this precise moment as Ross was pushed out of his comfort zone and might I add he smashed it!
*Photography by Kimberly Hill*

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