The Honest Truth Of My First Trimester

I wanted to share with you all the ups and downs of my First Trimester. So take a peek at what’s been going on.

So after finding out I was pregnant I thought bye bye to the days of periods and period pains for 9 months but how I was so very wrong. Turns out it is just as painful in the first trimester well it has been for me at least as I had bad cramping and it turns out this is due to my uterus expanding ready to grow a little one. I have been feeling nausea pretty much 24/7 and being sick early in the morning or late at night. The nausea is getting better but for quite a while the only thing I could stomach was water. Physically I have found it more difficult to do anything as I just feel exhausted and I’ve had to cancel some plans just to look after myself as growing a little one is tiring work.

I have been crying over the STUPIDEST of things! There was a point where I was crying over a sandwich, yeah you read that right I cried at Ross because I was hungry and I wanted a sandwich when we were out and about but being pregnant and all I needed one without mayonaise and yeah that was a struggle to find. When I did find a tomato and egg sandwich with salad cream I still cried because I couldn’t choose what I wanted. So yes I cried over a sandwich and when I say cry I mean I was distraught.

For the first trimester I have been struggling a little with sleeping as the nausea hits in the evenings and once I am actually asleep it’s a case of constant tossing and turning and I’m missing being able to sleep on my belly. Also While being pregnant I’ve had some of the worst nightmares to as anyone else experienced this?

Mentally I am nervous, overwhelmed, anxious yet so excited for this little one. It’s an emotional rollercoaster but I already feel connected to this little one as I see my bump grow bigger and seeing them on our first Ultrasound was just surreal and I think this is my proudest moments as of yet to have something so magical inside of me.

The first trimester is rough and it does suck I am not going to sugar coat it but I can’t help but smile and think it’s all worth it because this little baby is worth everything and I would do anything for them.


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