The Mama Who Didn’t Breastfeed

The Mama Who Didn’t Breastfeed

Do I feel like a failure because I didn’t breastfeed? No I don’t, Fed is best and I have a healthy happy baby girl to show for it.

Not everything goes to plan when it comes down to being Mama, especially a first time one. There’s so many people quick to judge and will strongly voice their opinions and that’s why I surround myself with the positive influencers over on my Instagram. No Mama should be made to feel like they made the wrong decision for their child…

Social media played a BIG part in the guilt factor with so many posts about “Breast Is Best” I had to constantly remind myself why I wasn’t going to breastfeed and that I didn’t have to justify myself to the world. It was my choice and I needed to stand by it for my own reasons.

I was lucky that my family were supportive and Ross enjoys giving Ava her morning bottle while he gets ready for work. My midwife throughout my pregnancy was also pro breastfeeding and formula and she happily gave ma all the advice on formula so I was all prepared, without any judgement.

After birth I wasn’t in much of a fit state to do much, my body was shaking and I felt like I couldn’t even hold my baby for a while from sheer fear of dropping her. A weight was lifted of my shoulders when they asked how we were feeding and Ross could tell them formula and they went on got us the formula without hesitation. In that moment I felt no guilt, no shame, no failure just happy that my baby was going to be fed and everyone was on my side.

I can honestly say I have never felt judged or shamed feeding my baby in public with a bottle. I’ve never had any rude comments come my way, only nice people wanting to come and say Hello to my baby and the never ending ‘Aw how old is she?” question.

I’ve never wanted to hide the fact that I formula feed, I’d never shame any Mama on their choices. Both Formula and Breastfed babies are happy, FED and most importantly loved! No Mama should have to justify their choice.

To all the Mamas, however you feed your baby you are AMAZING and I am so proud of you for holding it all together, through the judgements and opinions of other. You don’t need t justify yourself to anyone, stand proud and don’t apologise.

Your baby needs you, loves you and you know what’s best after all.


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  1. October 2, 2019 / 9:09 pm

    Lovely post hun. And you’re so right in what you say! I breastfed to begin with but I really struggled with it, I had nights where I was just in tears thinking I’d failed my little girl (stupid I know looking back now) but it was one of those things where I was getting frustrated, she was getting frustrated, it just wasn’t a good mix. We’d bought formula before she was born, thinking it doesn’t matter either way whether she’s breast/bottle fed, but honestly the relief after giving Amelia her first formula bottle was unbelievable. She’d turned from the devil (and probably I did too) into a little angel who was happy, content and who actually slept through the whole night that night for the first time ever. And we’ve never looked back since! I think if we were to have another, I’d give breastfeeding a go again, but there’s no way I’d be as hard on myself as I was this time around.
    Amazing post!!
    Sorry for waffling on with my breastfeeding woes. Haha.


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