The View From The Shard

Being British I often forget just how magical our capital of London is. Spending a weekend in London really opened my eyes to it’s true beauty and some new adventures. 

I was surprised the night before with tickets for the Shard from my bridesmaids and I had never really thought about visiting the Shard before, but I was so excited to visit the following day.

We were greeted with happy faces and guided through what seemed like airport security, we then had some green screen shots before entering the lift. In a matter of seconds were were already half way to the top before changing elevators the continue our journey up.
When exiting on the 68th floor, I was filled with anticipated and yet to see a view. We continued up with a small staircase and BAM through the clear glass you can see that amazing view of London. The first viewing platform gives you a panorama view and immediately I could spot some of the world’s most famous landmarks below me. We were so lucky to have visited on a clear day as I think if the weather isn’t at it’s best the experience wouldn’t be as grand.
The view really does provide a unique experience, it was an amazing experience and one I will remember. The price itself might seem a little on the high side but it is something special and amazing for a one off day out.

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