Things To Do On Maternity Leave Before Baby Arrives

Things To Do On Maternity Leave Before Baby Arrives

So Maternity leave is in full swing and it’s only a matter of time until Baby Gamble arrives now.

Our baby is due in just over 5 weeks and we can’t wait to meet our little girl. Here are some things I am planning on doing before the baby arrives.

Baby Moon

I’m calling it a Baby moon where it’s actually combined with Birthday celebrations as I am shortly turning 26 and Ross and I are going to Bournemouth for the night. It’s quite unbelievable that it will be the last trip we take as just the two of us for quite some time so I am looking forward to being by the sea and hopefully the weather starts to pick up. Either way I shall be enjoying my ice cream on the beach no matter the weather.

Have a lie in

With a huge bump it does make sleeping a bit harder as it can be incredibly comfy but the thought of not having to rush around too much is an amazing feeling. Just being able to lay in bed and making the most of the peace and quiet sounds perfect for the time being.

Finish the little touches for the nursery

I know our baby won’t be sleeping in the Nursery for quite some time but just having space to store all of the baby stuff is nice and I want to finish those lost few touches to makes it all organised so we have an idea of where everything is making it easier for when baby does decide to turn up.

Wash baby bedding and clothes

There are mountains of clothes and other bits and bobs I need to get washed. I am washing anything that will come in contact with baby’s skin at home with Fair Non bio. With the weather picking up this is going to be so much easier to get all those cute little clothes, muslins, blankets and bedding washed.

Have a baby shower

My Mum has arranged a small baby shower get together at my house which is at the end of this week. I’m pretty excited to just chill and have fun with loved ones. I am sure I will be sharing a blog post or photos of the event as I want to cherish the memories.

Pack my hospital bag

Figure out what you I do and don’t need. I’ve had lots of support and advice from fellow Mummy bloggers which as been really helpful. I am planning on putting together all my stuff this week so it’s already to go for when it’s time to leave for the hospital. So I need to make sure I’ve got my Bridget Jones pants at the ready as the biggest recommendation as been BIG PANTS!

Most importantly it’s time to get excited and I already know I am going to hate waiting around as my due date passes but I am going to try my best to just enjoy what is left of pregnancy and relax.

We really can’t wait to meet you now baby girl!


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