To My Gorgeous Groom

I wanted to give my Groom a present before we celebrated our big day together, so I created a this box for my gorgeous Groom.

What I loved about this Groom box is that I made the majority of it so it had so many personal touches. I got the heart box from Hobbycraft then customised it with the writing and printed out the tags for each item.

Everything had a reason:
Mouth Wash – For a fresh first kiss
Paracetamol – For the morning after
Tissues – To wipe away your tears or mine!
Love hears – To keep you sweet
Hand gel – Incase you get sweaty hands
Alcohol – To take the edge of
Photo – To remind you why we are here today
Boxers – To remind you who you belong to
I was so happy with how the whole boxed turned out the only thing I was gutted about was not seeing his face when he opened it all up!
Underneath all of these little quirky gifts was another surprise all wrapped up, clearly marked open last. So for now I am keeping that a surprise from you all as I want to write another post all about it as It was the cherry on top of the cake with this gift. When I found this item in question I was so excited to buy it for Ross so you’ll have to wait a little while longer!

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