Welcome To The World Ava Rae

Welcome To The World Ava Rae

Ross and I are pleased to announce the birth of Ava Rae Gamble. Entering the world on the 4th June 2019 at 18:53PM and weighing 7lbs 13oz.

It’s true what they say the newborn phase flies by so quickly. As brand new parents we’re taking in every little moment. From the cuddles to the poop-filled nappies.

With each day we are discovering new little quirks such as her sneezes always comes in two. She already has the nickname two sneeze Ava!

The birth itself was a long ride but it was totally worth every second as soon as I saw our little girl’s face. The postpartum period isn’t the easiest and it’s taken it’s toll physically and mentally. But at the end of the day Ava’s cuddles really do make the little things melt away and I am absolutely besotted with her.

We couldn’t thank everyone enough for all your kind messages and we hope you enjoy coming on the journey of Ava Rae with us.

“She really is our Rae of Sunshine!”


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